Gemstones enthusiasts who joined the Inclusiopedia Team

Francesco Protopapas

Stars of Rutile with a core of Hematite-Ilmenite in clear Quartz

Federico Barlocher


Liviano Soprani

Inclusions in red Iolite from Madagascar. Photo by Liviano Soprani

Felipe C. Pereira

Inclusions in Paraiba Tourmaline. Photo by Felipe C. Pereira

Karen Calef

Epigenetic inclusions inside a fracture in rough Rubellite Tourmaline. Photo by Karen Calef

Fahad Abbas Sheikh

Emerald crystal from Swat, Pakistan. Photo by Fahad Abbas Sheikh

Igor Bolotovski

Double iridescent Lily pad inclusion in Peridot. Photo by Fahad Abbas Sheikh
Monica Renna & Salvo Castelli
Flux in Synthetic Alexandrite. Photo by Monica Renna And Salvo Castelli

Fausta Aidala

Large liquid inclusion and color zoning in Blue Sapphire. Photo by Fausta Aidala

Joyce Kessy


Euro Gemology

Image represents a labradorite, showing some fascinating colors. Photo by Euro Gemology

Pietra di Luna Nuova

Rough heated Madeira Quartz. Photo by Pietra di Luna Nuova


Typical geometric patterns in Corundum. Photo by KCsGems&Jewels

Wilma van der Giessen

Trapiche Emerald from Colombia. Photo by Wilma van der Giessen

Dobos Marcel


Sammantha Maclachlan FGA

Trigons in rough Diamond. Photo by Sammantha Maclachlan

Fabrice Deleye

Fire agate under the microscope. Photo by Fabrice Deleye

Lucia Musilli

Crystals in unheated natural blue Sapphire. Photo by Lucia Musilli

Daniela Teixeira Newman

Iridescent liquid epigenetic inclusion in Aquamarine. Photo by Daniela Teixeira Newman
Gemmologische Akademie Linz Wifi
Metallic inclusions in HP-HT Synthetic Diamond. Photo by Gemmologische Akademie Linz Wifi

Ali Iskandar

Rough Chrysoprase. Photo by Ali Iskandar

Jason Crow

North Carolina rubies with feldspar inclusions. Photo by Jason Crow

Clemens Schwarzinger

Knischka created ruby (made in Austria). Photo by Clemens Schwarzinger

Simar Singh Khokhar

Actinolite needles in Rock Crystal Quartz. Photo by Simar Singh Khokhar

Marco Frigerio

Negative crystal inclusion in Amethyst from Las Vigas, Mexico, Photo by Marco Frigerio

Gagnveer Singh

Honeycomb like cracks in Verneuil synthetic Ruby. Photo by Gaganveer Singh

Thiago O. Freitas

Petroleum Quartz. Photo by Thiago O. Freitas

Reginald Greindl

Petroleum Quartz inclusions under long wave UV light. Photo by Reginald Greindl

Gérald Deplus

Petroleum, bitumen and methane bubble in Petroluem quartz. Photo by Gérald Deplus

Jacques Feijen

Quartz in a Quartzcrystal from Namibia, Gogooboseb Mountains. Photo by Jacques Feijen

Marco Bonifazi

Two zircons with many dark inclusions from Leghorn, Tuscany, Italy. Photo by Marco Bonifazi

Steve Rees

Inclusions in HP-HT Lab Diamond. Photo by Steve Rees

John Barrows

Probably blue Fluorite and liquid inclusions in Quartz. Photo by John Burrows

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