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5 messaggi.
Thomas Pfneisl Thomas Pfneisl da Vienna pubblicato il 7 Ottobre 2021 alle 06:03
Dear Sirs
First, congratulations - phantastic photos!
I would like to use one or two photos of horsetail inclusions in demantoid for our online gem dictionary. I would credit you with the copyright and, if you want, set a link to your site.
Please let me know if that is possible.
Thanks + regards
Thomas Pfneisl
Vienna Gem Center
Thomas Thomas da Wien pubblicato il 25 Luglio 2021 alle 06:24
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren
Ich würde gerne ein bis zwei Fotos von Pferdeschwanzeinschlüssen in Demantoid für unser online Edelsteinlexikon verwenden, selbstverständlich mit Nennung des Urheberrechtsinhabers. Bitte lassen Sie mich wissen, ob dies möglich ist - Vielen Dank
Thomas Pfneisl
Wiener Edelstein Zentrum
Padu Padu pubblicato il 25 Aprile 2021 alle 22:45
Good evening M. Protopapas,

You have some magnificent gem photomicrogaphs.
I am new to photography. I would like to know what type of camera are you using?
Equally, what microscope do you use?
inclusiopedia inclusiopedia pubblicato il 27 Aprile 2020 alle 12:12
Hi Luis,
thank you for contacting us. If you want to contribute with your personal contents to the project, you can send us the photos through the "form" on the "JOIN US" page.
For more informations you can see the video presentation of the project; you can find it in the Home Page.
We remain available for any eventuality.
Best regards,
Inclusiopedia Team
Luis Nunes Luis Nunes da LISBOA pubblicato il 24 Aprile 2020 alle 03:50
a fantastic idea, how do I join if I have to log in directly with my email account?
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